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I’m just going to assume that Caleb and Ophelia were married during their time in the Cabal but they don’t wear rings because the Cabal doesn’t use rings during wedding ceremonies.
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The problem with the internet and pretty much any space that gets dominated by anti-social nerds is that they are extremely loud and absolutely despise any form of criticism. Because of this, regular people who are not assholes and try to not be annoying end up leaving the online spaces until only the insufferable video game/anime/etc nerd is left. But even then, the same demographic of nerd will in-fight over petty bullshit for nerd ego points. It’s a mess and it makes me ashamed to enjoy video games because the people I share this hobby with are so shit on the internet. Most people who play video games are not like that and most nerds don’t get that bad but on the internet, everyone’s terrible personality traits get magnified times a million and nobody wants to pick a fight with that loud stupid asshole on some forum so nothing changes. The internet has always been owned by the obnoxious man-children because those are the only people with enough time on their hands to whine enough to drive away people until only shitty people like themselves will talk to them. Then they wonder why everyone outside their echo chamber forum hates them when they act so disgusting, insufferable, and utterly without a single hint of self-awareness. I’m fucking sick of people like this. This hobby should not belong to people like this and it makes people like me, who do have interests that fall under the nerd category, look like shit.
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Turbo Warrior: Cannot be targeted by Rank 6 or lower monsters in addition to it’s original card effect. Halves the ATK of Rank 6 or higher monsters when Turbo Warrior attacks in addition to original card effect. Turbo Warrior’s targeting immunity now only applies to the opponent’s monsters.

Drill Warrior: Inflicts piercing damage.

Nitro Warrior: Once per turn, draw 1 card when Nitro Warrior destroys a monster by battle.

Road Warrior: When destroyed by battle or by card effect, add 1 Level 2 or lower Warrior/Machine-type monster from the Graveyard to your hand.

Junk Gardna: Cannot be destroyed or targeted by your opponent’s card effects.

Junk Archer: Banishing effect is a quick effect (can be activated during either player’s turn.) Once per turn, during your turn, you can destroy 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls but this card cannot attack until your next turn.

Junk Berserker: Banish to lower opponent’s ATK effect is a quick effect. Cannot be destroyed by battle. When it leaves the field, add 1 banished Junk monster to your hand.

Junk Destroyer: Opponent’s card effects cannot be activated during the turn Junk Destroyer is Synchro Summoned. Shuffles cards into the deck instead of targeting and destroying. If this card is destroyed by battle or by card effect, Special Summon 1 Junk monster from your Graveyard (except Junk Destroyer.)

(Junk, Jet, and Stardust Warrior did not get buffs because they are already good as is, IMO. I did not include the 5D’s manga cards but I might in the future.)
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My favorite G: Ash fanfic is that one Japanese fanfic that is an accurate retelling of the story except for the ending in which Pat tells Rion that Lilia is pregnant with two of his children.
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I still like Rick Astley.
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Destiny Heroes have great synergy with Predaplants IMO.


Apr. 4th, 2017 09:50 am
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changed the icon today. let's see how long that will last.
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I think I finally found a build for my Synchron deck that I am happy with.
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I can’t believe the city actually came to my doorstep, took a picture of my front street, and left me a warning letter that says I need to shovel up the snow/ice or else get a 50 dollar fine. First off, I don’t have a shovel and nobody knocked on my door to shovel either when it snowed. Secondly, why are you going to bill me for something that is eventually going to melt away but then turn a blind eye to all the dog owners that leave their dogs’ droppings on the side walk or all the thousands of people that just litter without a second thought? That also includes the cops too because honestly they don’t give a shit. Why are you going to hassle me over this shit when I don’t even have the resources directly to fix the problem? Go buy a shovel? I don’t have a fucking car and there is no time in my day to catch a bus and buy one because I cannot buy a shovel in this shitty ass neighborhood full of apathetic neighbors that don’t want to help me out at all. This is the first time I have ever received a letter that is giving me shit for not fucking shoveling snow this is bullshit. Since when did this fucking city give a single shit about how dirty and ugly it looks when they don’t even give a single shit about the average poor person in general. My city has a shit load of problems worse than snow including all the crime that happens daily that of course is never solved because the city police don’t give a shit. Fucking useless people need to start minding their own fucking business because why should I care about you when you don’t even care about me as a citizen or human being? You people are perfectly content to let money-less losers like me who survive by the skin of their teeth continue to suffer due to legal bullshit that is completely unnecessary. Honestly, giving me a bill for not fucking shoveling? You can take that bill and shovel it up your own ass.
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Note to self: try to write a Blood 2 fanfic.
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Wish I could have been apart of the Galerians fandom back when it was popular. Totally would've been that one Nitro fanboy.
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Invokeds are pretty cool actually. Using them with Charmers right now.

Self Worth

Mar. 8th, 2017 02:04 pm
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There isn’t enough support for people who hate themselves and have absolutely zero self-worth. People without power are simply discarded unless they are useful to someone, usually in the name of profit. Social media is the most popular thing on the internet and yet it causes so many people to hate themselves because they constantly compare themselves to man-made illusions. Every time I see a popular artist get hundreds of meaningless internet points, I die a little bit inside. It’s even worse when whining gets you nowhere. This isn’t right and simply not using social media doesn’t solve the problem. People being successful on the internet shouldn’t make somebody feel like they are better off dead. The internet I think destroyed a large portion of my humanity over the years. I know I am not the same person I was years ago and I can partly blame the internet for that. Too bad there are zero support forums or websites that can actually make me feel better about myself and absolutely nothing anybody on the internet can say will change my mind. That’s extremely foolish to think but I am convinced my destiny is to suffer.
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I think a good portion of Yugioh players are gambling addicts either in denial or they are unaware of what gambling addiction is. Considering that Konami also makes money off slot machines, I wouldn’t doubt one of their main goals is to make sure the player-base is eternally addicted to the chance of winning in a broken card game. And even if I’m wrong (which I probably am) and most players just play for fun, the company still doesn’t give a single crap about the player base. Link Summoning essentially is a slap in the face to anyone that uses a Fusion/Synchro/Xyz/Pendulum deck. Links are completely unhindered by their own rules which obviously is a thing because Konami wants to push Links as the main means of profit now. They saw a chance to look good by making a new mechanic that seems to stop the speed of the game but that is actually false. The game will never slow down because that would mean Konami would stop having to print broken archetypes/cards that everyone wants to buy. Nobody is gonna give a crap about mediocre cards as this community wants only meta worthy cards and nothing else but. Links will increase in their level of power as even the very first Link Monster introduced (Decode Talker) is already quite powerful. Soon we will see Towers-level Link monsters that can only be dealt with using Utopia the Lightning-level Link monsters. There will probably be a Link version of Quasar made some time in the future as well and then there will be the Link version of Zoodiacs (if Konami decides to kill them to make way for a clone archetype but essentially still work like Zoodiacs.) The people that despise anything past DM/GX will be happy for a while but soon they will realize that Links will be the same exact thing as the Xyz toolbox. Power creep never dies.


Feb. 18th, 2017 08:37 am
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I hate getting a shower because when I have to get out, I end up freezing my bones off.
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I don’t understand the purpose of internet forums if most of the discussion turns into a circlejerk of either endless positively or endless negativity. If I said “X popular musical artist is amazing” or “Y popular musical artist is mediocre” I would upset people either way. This type of problem is more apparent on video game forums because people need to defend their favorite video games/consoles because I can only assume it has become an identity to them. But people will do that with anything they like even if it’s something trivial like favorite colors. How am I supposed to want to talk to people that only think in a singular way with no nuance at all? What is the point? What’s the point of talking about video games if I am only going to talk to someone that either hates a game or loves a game? Why can’t I say this game has good gameplay but the music sucks? Why am I not allowed a different opinion on someone widely considered to be a God? My only option is either to defend myself from pointless arguments, not engage them at all, or simply agree with them just because they don’t want to hear my opinions. It’s not even like I’m being an asshole about it but there is a problem when I’m constantly biting my tongue just to keep other random people on the internet happy.


Feb. 10th, 2017 12:28 pm
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Super Mario RPG looks like a cool game. I should play it sometime in the future. Nice to see non-RPG games get RPG spinoffs just to try the concept. Games like Blood or Galerians would be great for that concept although my ideas aren't the best. Anyways, yeah, I need to play SMRPG.


Feb. 10th, 2017 12:27 pm
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My turtle has a shell problem and I now need medicine to fix it. Hope things go well until then though. Best wishes.
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I don’t understand people who think time sinks in RPGs aren’t time sinks at all. Obviously these people have much more time on their hands to do those tedious side-quests than I do. Like the people who think dodging 200 lightning bolts in a row in FFX isn’t hard or isn’t time consuming in the slightest. That’s fine if you feel that way but I did that myself and I absolutely would never ever do it again. That was probably the worst thing I did in a video game that was also totally optional. Onion Knight isn’t even that great of a weapon because Lulu is barely useful for the endgame side quests which are also annoying and tedious. Almost every optional boss in that game was a stat wall and it wasn’t very fun to me. Even fighting Nemesis (strongest possible boss in the original version) wasn’t all that rewarding. Then there is the other version which has the Dark Aeons and Penance which is just more of the same stat wall bosses that were present in the Monster Arena. Yuna’s weapon is easy and Auron’s is not that bad. Wakka requires you to play blitzball which I don’t really like, Kimahri has that godawful butterfly catching game, and Rikku has an annoying sidequest involving Cactuars. But they all pale in comparison to what you have to do to get Tidus and Lulu’s weapons. I already explained why lightning dodging is stupid but Tidu’s Chocobo racing thing was absolute bullshit. All of FFX’s side quest are not fun in the slightest.


Feb. 7th, 2017 02:33 pm
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Lightsworns may not be broken anymore but Judgement Dragon is still a poorly designed card.


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