Jan. 5th, 2017

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I do not care how good your plot is but if your video game cannot make me care about the main character(s) and instead have me wishing more focus on the supporting case, then something is wrong with your game. Also, do not taunt me with the illusion of choice and have your plot always end the same way regardless of what I do. Either have a dynamic story that changes depending on player choice in a meaningful way or don’t have it at all. A plot set in stone is fine but when you give players a choice to alter the story, it needs to matter because otherwise it’s insulting. Just because you feel your writing is perfect in every way and that your characters are flawless doesn’t mean the player will feel the same about them.
bloodite000: Vampire Lady from Yugioh (Default)
Finally gave my uncle his present. Thank God. Now I won't have to feel guilty thinking that I ignored him on Christmas.


bloodite000: Vampire Lady from Yugioh (Default)

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