Jan. 10th, 2017

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My computer is fucked up. I think I need to eventually replace it. The hard drive with all my files is fine which is good because that's why I'm mainly worried about. Everything else besides that is just old hard-ware but I have so very little money to spend so it's hard to replace it. At least right now.
bloodite000: Vampire Lady from Yugioh (Default)
If the Sphere Grid wasn't so linear, if Blitzball wasn't so frustrating, and if those affection point choices actually amounted to anything significant, I would probably be playing FFX right now. But no. The Sphere Grid is usually just a straight line, Blitzball is a retarded minigame, and Tidus will never get with Lulu/Rikku no matter what I do because Yuna is OTP. This game has pretty much no replay value at all IMO. I beat it multiple times and I even got up to the final boss in FFX-2 but I couldn't finish that game because my disc freezes at the final FMV. Yeah how unfortunate. And I cannot play FFVII either because I don't have an original PS1 memory card so my PS2 won't let it save properly.


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