Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Back to FFX. I don’t understand why elemental strike weapons don’t boost the power of elemental spells the same way status weapons boost the power of status attacks. For example, Wakka using Dark Buster with a Darktouch/strike weapon will inflict Darkness for more times than with a weapon without those abilities. However, if Lulu uses Firaga with a Flamestrike weapon there will be no damage boost. Because this never happens in the game, all of those elemental strike weapons for mage characters aren’t very useful in battle. Also, I wonder why there were no elemental attacks added as skills to compare with elemental magic. I understand it would be somewhat redundant because you could just use elemental strike weapons but it still would've been pretty cool. Element Reels are what I’m talking about except being singular skills on the Sphere Grid. That and I would've liked Yuna to learn two weaker version of Holy just to give her a consistent white magic offensive without having to learn black lulu.


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