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I don’t understand the purpose of internet forums if most of the discussion turns into a circlejerk of either endless positively or endless negativity. If I said “X popular musical artist is amazing” or “Y popular musical artist is mediocre” I would upset people either way. This type of problem is more apparent on video game forums because people need to defend their favorite video games/consoles because I can only assume it has become an identity to them. But people will do that with anything they like even if it’s something trivial like favorite colors. How am I supposed to want to talk to people that only think in a singular way with no nuance at all? What is the point? What’s the point of talking about video games if I am only going to talk to someone that either hates a game or loves a game? Why can’t I say this game has good gameplay but the music sucks? Why am I not allowed a different opinion on someone widely considered to be a God? My only option is either to defend myself from pointless arguments, not engage them at all, or simply agree with them just because they don’t want to hear my opinions. It’s not even like I’m being an asshole about it but there is a problem when I’m constantly biting my tongue just to keep other random people on the internet happy.
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