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I think a good portion of Yugioh players are gambling addicts either in denial or they are unaware of what gambling addiction is. Considering that Konami also makes money off slot machines, I wouldn’t doubt one of their main goals is to make sure the player-base is eternally addicted to the chance of winning in a broken card game. And even if I’m wrong (which I probably am) and most players just play for fun, the company still doesn’t give a single crap about the player base. Link Summoning essentially is a slap in the face to anyone that uses a Fusion/Synchro/Xyz/Pendulum deck. Links are completely unhindered by their own rules which obviously is a thing because Konami wants to push Links as the main means of profit now. They saw a chance to look good by making a new mechanic that seems to stop the speed of the game but that is actually false. The game will never slow down because that would mean Konami would stop having to print broken archetypes/cards that everyone wants to buy. Nobody is gonna give a crap about mediocre cards as this community wants only meta worthy cards and nothing else but. Links will increase in their level of power as even the very first Link Monster introduced (Decode Talker) is already quite powerful. Soon we will see Towers-level Link monsters that can only be dealt with using Utopia the Lightning-level Link monsters. There will probably be a Link version of Quasar made some time in the future as well and then there will be the Link version of Zoodiacs (if Konami decides to kill them to make way for a clone archetype but essentially still work like Zoodiacs.) The people that despise anything past DM/GX will be happy for a while but soon they will realize that Links will be the same exact thing as the Xyz toolbox. Power creep never dies.


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