Feb. 1st, 2017 01:23 pm
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Why was DDD Darius made to be a Rank 3 XYZ monster anyways? How many times do you really get the chance to make Rank 3s in DDD? Not a whole lot I think and it probably would involve a level trick with DD Beformet.
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I was expected an underwhelming conclusion to Zarc and that's exactly what I got.
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Why is Yuzu so useless in ARC-V? I hate that she is essentially just a living object for Yuya to pursue. She didn't even got a Synchro or XYZ Melodious monster yet, what the hell?
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Leo is annoying, Yuzu is annoying, and Yusho is annoying. These are three major characters and it isn’t good that I don’t really like them a whole lot. Especially when the only reason I dislike them is because the writers are making too many mistakes with the story. ARC-V had all the time in the world to make Leo a more interesting villain but he was absent for far too long and I no longer care about him. Yuzu was okay in the beginning but she simply sucks right now and is, essentially, a walking plot device for Yuya to chase. Yusho suffers a similar problem to Leo and he hasn’t even gotten a proper duel yet despite the fact we know that he uses Performapals and Sky Magician.
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I'm trying to run a Performapal deck using the latest Starter Deck cards which have a focus on Non-Pendulum Monsters. The result isn't terribly good and because of a lack of card space, I cannot use vital cards like Lizardraw and Guitartle. However, since it's a casual thing, I guess it isn't that big a deal. Just trying to find a reason to use Sleighthand Magician mostly.
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Wow, I cannot believe Vampire Lady appeared in ARC-V during a flashback. That is one of the my favorite monsters in the game.


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