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I’m just going to assume that Caleb and Ophelia were married during their time in the Cabal but they don’t wear rings because the Cabal doesn’t use rings during wedding ceremonies.
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Note to self: try to write a Blood 2 fanfic.
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Caleb - Uses pitchforks, shields, and can use "blood magic" which consumes HP. High stats all around but focuses on Strength. Good with shotguns and guns akimbo.

Ophelia - Uses blades, bangles, and can use healing magic to maintain HP while using sneaky debuffing abilities to disrupt foes. Fastest character with a good Magic stat but average HP. Good with rifles and long range weapons.

Ishmael - Uses scythes, rings, and can use dark magic to wield arcane elemental spells along with practicing necromancy to raise the dead. Highest Magic and Magic Defense but weak on the physical side. Good with arcane weapons and artifacts.

Gabriella - Uses gauntlets, bracers, and is capable of taking hits of allies and can send herself into a berserk state for increased damage. Has the highest HP and the best Defense of the four but she is the slowest in terms of movement speed. Good with heavy and explosive weapons.

More to add later...
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I haven' been to that Blood forum in a long time. Maybe I should check it out? Then again, there is barely anything to do anymore. This game has been dead for years and nobody is gonna revive it. Blood being a dead series I can accept but there is only so many things you can say on a forum before you have nothing left to talk about anymore.
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Caleb is best undead husbando.


Dec. 30th, 2016 12:30 am
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Jace Hall just uploaded a Blood T-shirt on his Twitter which seems to be alluding to a new Blood project. I honestly don't believe anything is coming this way because Blood has been dead for years. Not even Jace himself could do anything about that.
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If God existed then there would be a Blood III.
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I really do love the Blood game by Monolith Productions. Caleb is such a bad-ass and it has some great horror ambiance. My favorite episode would have to be Cryptic Passage despite being developed by Sunstorm Interactive and not Monolith themselves. Level design was very impressive and the gameplay was great, abundance of ammo to kill stuff with and not too hard. After I played all of the retail maps, I started downloading fan maps and well Death Wish is pretty great. That is kind of an understatement, it is worth actual money but good thing it is free to download. Played through that mod multiple times. Did not think Blood II was a bad sequel either although it has plenty of flaws. Miss Caleb and the Chosen and I would be happy if they made a return.


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