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Dimensional Binding - Power to bind the dimensions of the universe. Tchernobog's existence keeps the fabric of reality from tearing. After his destruction in Blood, Caleb inherited the Dark God's power and became the next incarnation although he was unaware of it for 100 years until Blood II: The Chosen.

Blue Fire - Control over unholy blue fire and Tchernobog's signature attack. Takes the form of either explosive fireballs or a hit-scan attack that sets enemies on fire. Although it is flame-based in appearance and lights enemies on fire, it is actually a non-elemental attack.

Blood Manipulation - A new ability that Caleb manifested. Allows transformation into a magical form of blood to access areas Caleb's regular body cannot venture. Caleb's blood powers can also be used as a weapon and be manifested into damaging blood projectiles that steal life by draining from enemies (similar to the Life Leech.)

The Beast - Caleb's bestial form is similar in nature to the elite Priests of the Cabal. Upon slaying enough enemies, Caleb will be consumed by his bloodlust and transform into a powerful werewolf like monster for a temporary amount of time. In this form, his strength and speed is dramatically increased but he cannot use any of his regular weapons. He can only use melee attacks with his claws but Caleb's claws in the Beast form inflict extreme amounts of damage to the point of literally tearing enemies to shreds. His jumps can also cross greater distances in this form and Caleb will take less damage from all attacks.

Crimson Aura - Caleb can greatly boost his damage capacity for a short time for all his weapons, giving him the extra sadistic boost he needs to slaughter Cabal servants. This magical crimson aura contrasts with Ophelia's Ivory Aura which manifests in a protective white light instead.

Black Meteor - Another power of Caleb that is a stronger manifestation of his Blue Fire ability. He can summon a powerful meteor from the sky to rain down extreme damage on all enemies unlucky enough to incite his rage.

Summon Crows - Tchenrobog had dominion over multiple super-natural creatures and Caleb is no exception. By channeling his Dark God energy, Caleb can summon a murder of magical crows that will seek out and murder all enemies near him. Birds of a feather flock together indeed.
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Caleb is best undead husbando.
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I really do love the Blood game by Monolith Productions. Caleb is such a bad-ass and it has some great horror ambiance. My favorite episode would have to be Cryptic Passage despite being developed by Sunstorm Interactive and not Monolith themselves. Level design was very impressive and the gameplay was great, abundance of ammo to kill stuff with and not too hard. After I played all of the retail maps, I started downloading fan maps and well Death Wish is pretty great. That is kind of an understatement, it is worth actual money but good thing it is free to download. Played through that mod multiple times. Did not think Blood II was a bad sequel either although it has plenty of flaws. Miss Caleb and the Chosen and I would be happy if they made a return.


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