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What pisses me off the most about my PC breaking is the fact it's my own fault. I should not have been trying to mess with the CD drive while the computer was running. A short circuit probably fired the motherboard but hopefully my hard drive is safe. Somebody more knowledgeable than me could fix the thing but I don't have that kind of money. Granted, that computer isn't really needed for anything important as it's just for gaming but that's one of my few hobbies so it hurts me. My mom doesn't know yet and I don't want to tell her because there that will have to be something she'll have to get in future. This sucks. I miss my games. I don't want to hook up the PS2 again and I'm tired of playing Pokemon on the Nintendo DS.
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My computer is fucked up. I think I need to eventually replace it. The hard drive with all my files is fine which is good because that's why I'm mainly worried about. Everything else besides that is just old hard-ware but I have so very little money to spend so it's hard to replace it. At least right now.


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