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I can't friggin' stand dead fandoms. It's like I constanly give and give but I hardly get anything out in return. But this is my fault of course. Being emotionally invested into something so unimportant could only end badly. My expectations were too high for this dead fandom (but at the time of joining, I didn't think it was dead.) My confidence in my art skill isn't good enough so I can constantly churn out fan-art. On my writing skills, I do that even less. There are only a few people left online and the ones who have been here since the beginning I can count on one hand. I hate hate hate dead fandoms I really do. I made a mistake.
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The Galerans fanbase should make a return to mainstream gaming. I want to see it rise from the ashes as a phoenix reborn. Also, we need more Nitro/Ash shippers...and maybe some Rita/Cain too. I don't know, I just want more Galerians. Most people don't know who I am talking about when I mention those names which just goes to show how obscure the series is.


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