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I despise the way some people conduct themselves within my own fandoms. Just their mannerisms and the way they communicate...quite annoying. I'm a worthless human being with immense amounts of hatred inside of me but these people don't take anything seriously. They make me sick but I'm no better. But it's best not to take this shit too seriously because it's not like anybody else gives a single shit.
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I don't know why I sometimes ship Nitro with anyone that isn't Ash. Or Rita with anyone that isn't Cain. Nitro/Ash is my Galerians OTP but sometimes I find myself drawn to her being with other people. Maybe it's boredom? Shipping only exists as a fun hobby thing for people who care about romantic shit like that. Perhaps it's a result of the concept of "dating sim" video game sections where your character can form a romantic relationship with whoever you wish. Of course, that concept wouldn't fit Galerians unless under specific conditions considering that Lilia/Rion is pretty canon. You could argue for Rion/Ash being canon because they do kiss but since it was yaoi fanservice-based, I'm not sure it counts. I'd feel the same way if Nitro kissed Lilia: it may be visually appealing but it would conflict with the development she has with another character. Also, I really felt that Lilia's relationship with Rion was put on the back-burning to sell the concept of two hot bishounens especially since all two of his kisses were shared with someone not named Lilia. Yeah, the Galerians audience likes that and they definitely marketed towards them but that doesn't mean I have to agree that it only helps the story. We already know how Rion and Ash feel about each-other but Ash's relationship with the other Last Galerians needed more development. Same with Lilia and Cas/Pat. Nitro doesn't even really talk to Ash directly during the entire course of Galerians: Ash and when she finally does say his name, it's when he was having a psychotic breakdown and it's not even a real conversation either.
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I posted this dumb ass concept in another website but I don't really care. Sonic x Galerians crossover art idea where: Rion/Lilia are Sonic/Amy, Cain/Rita are Shadow/Rouge, and Ash/Nitro are Silver/Blaze. Almost see the characters fitting if you suspend your belief enough that Galerians/Sonic crossover art isn't that crazy.


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