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I don’t understand people who think time sinks in RPGs aren’t time sinks at all. Obviously these people have much more time on their hands to do those tedious side-quests than I do. Like the people who think dodging 200 lightning bolts in a row in FFX isn’t hard or isn’t time consuming in the slightest. That’s fine if you feel that way but I did that myself and I absolutely would never ever do it again. That was probably the worst thing I did in a video game that was also totally optional. Onion Knight isn’t even that great of a weapon because Lulu is barely useful for the endgame side quests which are also annoying and tedious. Almost every optional boss in that game was a stat wall and it wasn’t very fun to me. Even fighting Nemesis (strongest possible boss in the original version) wasn’t all that rewarding. Then there is the other version which has the Dark Aeons and Penance which is just more of the same stat wall bosses that were present in the Monster Arena. Yuna’s weapon is easy and Auron’s is not that bad. Wakka requires you to play blitzball which I don’t really like, Kimahri has that godawful butterfly catching game, and Rikku has an annoying sidequest involving Cactuars. But they all pale in comparison to what you have to do to get Tidus and Lulu’s weapons. I already explained why lightning dodging is stupid but Tidu’s Chocobo racing thing was absolute bullshit. All of FFX’s side quest are not fun in the slightest.
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Back to FFX. I don’t understand why elemental strike weapons don’t boost the power of elemental spells the same way status weapons boost the power of status attacks. For example, Wakka using Dark Buster with a Darktouch/strike weapon will inflict Darkness for more times than with a weapon without those abilities. However, if Lulu uses Firaga with a Flamestrike weapon there will be no damage boost. Because this never happens in the game, all of those elemental strike weapons for mage characters aren’t very useful in battle. Also, I wonder why there were no elemental attacks added as skills to compare with elemental magic. I understand it would be somewhat redundant because you could just use elemental strike weapons but it still would've been pretty cool. Element Reels are what I’m talking about except being singular skills on the Sphere Grid. That and I would've liked Yuna to learn two weaker version of Holy just to give her a consistent white magic offensive without having to learn black lulu.
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Just had a thought that if I give Kimahri the stat spheres you find sometimes in treasures chests while he is at Rikku's grid, I could also make Rikku get those upgrades too. Yuna eventually enters into her path too so whatever upgrades I give to Kimahri/Rikku, she will get too. That includes the strength spheres that make her Aeons even more overpowered. There is a chance to get 3 strength spheres if I dodge 50 lightning bolts but I completely hate doing that. However, I don't think 50 would be that hard in comparison to 200 at least. Of course that's just unnecessary but I like the concept of Kimahri being OP for the early game up until Bevelle power creeps everyone else. Because I always put Kimahri into Rikku's path, he is a faster piercer than Auron but never stronger than him. 16 possible stat boosts to his strength would definitely change that though.

I remember this one time in the game where I put Rikku into Tidus' grid and it made her very powerful. She spammed Quick Hit better than Tidus and eventually her strength rose to respectable levels. Rikku's only real weakness is that she doesn't have a good offensive presence outside of Use items and Overdrives. The game positions her to learn Lulu's stuff later on but that honestly isn't a very good idea because -ra level spells are obsolete by then. Still, the defensive boosts can help. Ironically, Lulu's path would be a cool choice for Auron which would make him the ultimate tank because Lulu has godlike defenses. Of course, Wakka is the best for anything regarding physical attack same with Yuna which is the best for magic gains.

The game also gives you a decent amount of black magic spheres so obiviously those should go to Yuna to spam magic better than Lulu. White magic spheres are harder to get generally but the best choice is either Curaga for Lulu or Haste for Rikku. Lulu's high magic stat makes her a good choice for using healing magic and Rikku is already faster than everyone else usually. Auron also can learn that spell turn by taking a detour from his grid path and into to Tidus for that and Provoke. Maybe even Cheer and Flee too. Back to Curaga, Kimahri is a decent choice too because usually he has a usable magic stat to work with.

The Special Sphere is pretty rare but it grants access to power abilities for some members. Doublecast with Yuna is absolutely broken as is any high level spell with her. Steal/Use is also a great combo and usually I have too doing that job and Yuna also ends up on item duty. One time I gave Lancet to Lulu and it was only okay, not anything great but generally I wanted to find a way to recovery her MP because getting One MP Cost is actually quite annoying because it requires me to do crappy side quests for it. In fact, her Booster Cactuar in generally isn't that great IMO because it boosts magic power by half but the spells costs double. It's not very fair but I suppose that was done on purpose so the player could break it by adding One MP Cost. Yuna's Nirvana is easy to get and it also has One MP Cost but no Magic Booster (which isn't that big of deal because honestly I'm not going to get Lulu's Onion Knight again and Yuna almost always is out damaginig Lulu if she's given Doublecast too.)

I might add more later.
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If the Sphere Grid wasn't so linear, if Blitzball wasn't so frustrating, and if those affection point choices actually amounted to anything significant, I would probably be playing FFX right now. But no. The Sphere Grid is usually just a straight line, Blitzball is a retarded minigame, and Tidus will never get with Lulu/Rikku no matter what I do because Yuna is OTP. This game has pretty much no replay value at all IMO. I beat it multiple times and I even got up to the final boss in FFX-2 but I couldn't finish that game because my disc freezes at the final FMV. Yeah how unfortunate. And I cannot play FFVII either because I don't have an original PS1 memory card so my PS2 won't let it save properly.
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Lulu is probably my favorite female character in FFX. Although Yuna is the main character, I really was into her dark allure and magic power. Unfortunately, she is slow and Yuna eventually outclasses her but that isn't her fault so much as it's FFX being flawed. If only it was actually possible for Lulu to form a romantic plot with Tidus because I sure would've love to see how the game would change. They could've played on Lulu's past with Chappu and how Tidus looked like Chappu, creating emotional conflict. Lulu would've been great with Tidus and they already look hot together. Oh well.


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