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My favorite G: Ash fanfic is that one Japanese fanfic that is an accurate retelling of the story except for the ending in which Pat tells Rion that Lilia is pregnant with two of his children.
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Wish I could have been apart of the Galerians fandom back when it was popular. Totally would've been that one Nitro fanboy.
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Today I spent a good 45 minutes scrolling down the Galerians tag on Twitter and it was a waste of my time. Why do I keep wasting my time with this video game?
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Galerian Men Can't Jump featuring Rion Steiner.
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Sometimes it feels like I am Nitro's only fan. A character like her would probably not succeed in 2016 especially since everyone loves to throw around that shitty buzzword edgy. Damn I hate that word. It's the new emo and it's used to label any character that is even the slightest bit dark. It's bullshit.
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Not even Japan gives a shit about Galerians anymore. Truly, it must have been a terrible game.
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I don't know why I sometimes ship Nitro with anyone that isn't Ash. Or Rita with anyone that isn't Cain. Nitro/Ash is my Galerians OTP but sometimes I find myself drawn to her being with other people. Maybe it's boredom? Shipping only exists as a fun hobby thing for people who care about romantic shit like that. Perhaps it's a result of the concept of "dating sim" video game sections where your character can form a romantic relationship with whoever you wish. Of course, that concept wouldn't fit Galerians unless under specific conditions considering that Lilia/Rion is pretty canon. You could argue for Rion/Ash being canon because they do kiss but since it was yaoi fanservice-based, I'm not sure it counts. I'd feel the same way if Nitro kissed Lilia: it may be visually appealing but it would conflict with the development she has with another character. Also, I really felt that Lilia's relationship with Rion was put on the back-burning to sell the concept of two hot bishounens especially since all two of his kisses were shared with someone not named Lilia. Yeah, the Galerians audience likes that and they definitely marketed towards them but that doesn't mean I have to agree that it only helps the story. We already know how Rion and Ash feel about each-other but Ash's relationship with the other Last Galerians needed more development. Same with Lilia and Cas/Pat. Nitro doesn't even really talk to Ash directly during the entire course of Galerians: Ash and when she finally does say his name, it's when he was having a psychotic breakdown and it's not even a real conversation either.
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I posted this dumb ass concept in another website but I don't really care. Sonic x Galerians crossover art idea where: Rion/Lilia are Sonic/Amy, Cain/Rita are Shadow/Rouge, and Ash/Nitro are Silver/Blaze. Almost see the characters fitting if you suspend your belief enough that Galerians/Sonic crossover art isn't that crazy.


Oct. 15th, 2016 10:58 pm
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I am imagining, right now, Nitro and Ash’s hypothetical demon spawn children and they all have skunk hair. Mom Nitro likes to fix her children’s hair up to look like that weird ponytail-over-the-eye style and Dad Ash is essentially a house husband that thinks books about computer science make good bedtime stories.
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If Rion and Lilia had lived past the ending of Galerians: Ash, I think Rion would end up becoming the "Big Boss" of the series. He would probably, in an extreme case, become so disillusioned with humanity and them treating Lilia like an outsider for loving a Galerian that he would just become Ash 2.0. Of course, Lilia and Pat would try their best to stop his descent into destruction but Lilia would be forced to make a choice between humanity or her childhood friend. I think Pat would side with Rion more than Lilia because, I don't know, he's a computer nerd and maybe he knows humans are illogical? Don't know if Rion would form his own Outer Heaven because he's the only Galerian around would be him but surely they would be more/a hybrid race of humans with psychic powers.
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Actually, no not really I don't. Where are the Galerians fans? A few of them are on Dreamwidth I think. Wish one of them would just friggin' talk to me already because I don't want to pester anyone on this website myself.
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Just realized Dorothy kind of looks like Medusa (with the mechanical head wires replacing the snakes) and that Pegasus was born from her blood. Cain's "surname" is Pegasus.
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Something I like to do alot with fictional media is assign an "element" to the characters if they aren't already associated with one. You know how Tidus from FFX has a water theme? Or Axel from KH is fire based? Yeah, well let's get into it.

Rion - Ice (blue eyes, cold personality, strong but fragile)
Lilia - Water (lilies, purity, calm and warm)
Birdman - Wind (aerial, erratic mind, birds and stuff)
Rainheart - Earth (physically large, rocky colors, magma ghosts)
Rita - Light (child of light, empathy, bright and scorching)
Cain - Dark (shadow, negativity, black skies)
Ash - Non-Elemental (destruction, uranium, neutral colors)
Parano - Electric (bloodlust, knives, quick like lightning)
Spider - Poison (deadly venom, lying in wait, spiders of course)
Nitro - Fire (blaze, smoke, dance of death)
Dorothy - Metal (artificial god, computing, tower, rules with an iron fist)
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I have an idea for a Galerians 3 an it features Rion and Lilia along with the first breed of Galerians. There are four playable characters right now: Rion, Lilia, Cain, and Rita. There are two scenarios where you play Rion/Lilia in the first and Cain/Rita in the second. Each character has their own play-styles and abilities they can learn. The PPEC drug system returns and in order for Lilia to use this system, she has been given Galerian psychic powers. Nalcon is the only serum that is used by all four playable characters and the other types being available depends on the character you are playing. Shield and Short are still in the game but each character has special attacks that can only be used while Shorting. Anyway, here is a listing of who gets what drug and also their unique PPECs they get later in the story.

Rion: Nalcon/Red/D-Felon - Later acquires an Ice and Rail Gun power.
Lilia: Nalcon/Bustanor/Breakaron - Later acquires a Water and Ion power.
Cain: Nalcon/Red/Breakaron - Later acquires an Acid and Dark Matter power.
Rita: Nalcon/D-Felon/Bustanor - Later acquires a Stardust and Nova power.

The names for the new psychic power drugs are something I haven't figured out yet. I think I'm going to call the ice attack Crystanor and rail attack Lancearon. Yeah, they aren't very original as they are based on Bustanor/Breakaron but I will think of more unique names for the other 6 drugs.
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I wish there was more love for the female characters of Galerians. Mostly it's the guys who get attention from most of the fanbase (yaoi fangirls) and that's fine but I just wish there was more overall like of the women. Rita and Nitro are both awesome characters if not underdevloped and Cas is a great human character in a world where she's an inferior race. Lilia is the main heroine but I feel the game never did her enough justice so I understand if she's not too well liked. Also, we cannot forget Dorothy herself which everyone loves to hate. Honorable mention goes to Elsa, the hooker in the Babylon Hotel, and the nurses in Galerians: Ash.
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The Galerans fanbase should make a return to mainstream gaming. I want to see it rise from the ashes as a phoenix reborn. Also, we need more Nitro/Ash shippers...and maybe some Rita/Cain too. I don't know, I just want more Galerians. Most people don't know who I am talking about when I mention those names which just goes to show how obscure the series is.


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