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I have an idea for a Galerians 3 an it features Rion and Lilia along with the first breed of Galerians. There are four playable characters right now: Rion, Lilia, Cain, and Rita. There are two scenarios where you play Rion/Lilia in the first and Cain/Rita in the second. Each character has their own play-styles and abilities they can learn. The PPEC drug system returns and in order for Lilia to use this system, she has been given Galerian psychic powers. Nalcon is the only serum that is used by all four playable characters and the other types being available depends on the character you are playing. Shield and Short are still in the game but each character has special attacks that can only be used while Shorting. Anyway, here is a listing of who gets what drug and also their unique PPECs they get later in the story.

Rion: Nalcon/Red/D-Felon - Later acquires an Ice and Rail Gun power.
Lilia: Nalcon/Bustanor/Breakaron - Later acquires a Water and Ion power.
Cain: Nalcon/Red/Breakaron - Later acquires an Acid and Dark Matter power.
Rita: Nalcon/D-Felon/Bustanor - Later acquires a Stardust and Nova power.

The names for the new psychic power drugs are something I haven't figured out yet. I think I'm going to call the ice attack Crystanor and rail attack Lancearon. Yeah, they aren't very original as they are based on Bustanor/Breakaron but I will think of more unique names for the other 6 drugs.


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