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My life is meaningless without video games but they aren't very fun anymore. If I quit, then I have to find another hobby but that is going to be hard. If I stay playing games, I will continue to throw away my life in a hobby that simply isn't very rewarding.
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I kind of like the artstyle on SOD's Return to Danger/The Ultimate Challenge mission packs. Yeah, it's a shitload of dark blue and the bats are weird but the chaingun looks a little bit better than the original Wolf 3D one. The machine gun that looks like a MP40 has been replaced with a STG44 and that's a pretty cool gun. The mission packs in general had some cool ideas like the aforementioned bats but also the voice acting was better. The aquatic theme that was present in some levels was cool too but the endless pushwall puzzles were bullshit. It's possibly to get stuck in a level because you did something wrong and also some of the levels are kind of ugly. Seriously, a secret room with a bunch of Waffen SS and a shitload of treasure/ammo/health sounds cool but not when you have to push like 50 walls and then the final room is quite ugly/not very decorated. Some of the rooms don't even look mildly realistic and it takes away from the immersion. The bosses were pretty neat though but the robot was lame. It didn't deserve to be the final boss but it wouldn't made a cool mini-boss enemy. The Evil Incarnate is pretty strange and it appears in 2 different levels depending on which mission pack you play. The first one is full of nazi ghosts in a red/blue hell level that looks like Doom. The second one is apparently in a nuclear future somewhere in a UAC base filled with green digital beings that want to kill you. Obviously this is a nod to Doom and I love how some of the games want to tie Wolf and Doom together. Biggest complaint is all the pushwall bullshit though that shit sucks.
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I like gaming but it's a bad hobby. Or at least too many people who make it their hobby suck. Also the people that want to fight against the sucky gaming people tend to be sucky too. My hobby all around just sucks not to mention I don't have disposable income anymore. No wonder I play mostly old games now because in what world will I have a good enough job to buy games? My life is kind of a mess already and using games as some distraction really doesn't work anymore. Growing up sucks and the adult life sucks. I should've been more prepared for life in general.


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