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Performapal Sleight Hand Magician should've been called Performapal Odd-Eyes Magician so it would be summonable with Dramatic Theater and searchable with Sky Iris. As it stands, it's a Lv7 Performapal that's usable in Odd-Eyes decks and another good card to Pendulum Summon with Unicorn. Too bad it's destruction effect isn't all that powerful but I understand why it isn't a Pendulum Monster despite it's card art. I think Konami wanted to make the latest set of Performapals have some synergy with the non-Pendulum ones hence why Longphone Bull and Parrotrio have those effects. None of the new Pendulum Performapals in the Starter Deck have a scale of 8 so using Odd-Eyes in a deck like that is kind of hard. You're gonna have to use Unicorn or run the Magicians in order to realistically summon that dragon but Sleight Hand is better in a "pure" Performapal deck without any of the magicians or Odd-Eyes himself. Besides, Odd-Eyes can build an entire deck around himself along with Magician support so while he is good in Performapals, they can choose not to run him. It's cool that Performapals have so many choices in terms of deck building.
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I'm trying to run a Performapal deck using the latest Starter Deck cards which have a focus on Non-Pendulum Monsters. The result isn't terribly good and because of a lack of card space, I cannot use vital cards like Lizardraw and Guitartle. However, since it's a casual thing, I guess it isn't that big a deal. Just trying to find a reason to use Sleighthand Magician mostly.


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