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Loving people isn't nearly as fun as hating them. Positivity in general just doesn't stimulate my brain as much as negativity, it seems. I could rant for eons about idiots but talking about what makes me happy for eons? Don't know about that. The internet is full of disgusting assholes who fucking love to act like idiots so there are constantly things to get angry at. But maybe these people aren't worth surrendering my emotional energy. There are people on some websites that have a large following because all they do is hate on things. Some of these people I find annoying because they dwell too much into their negativity and some if it is quite petty. Abusers, thieves, and corrupt people deserve all of our hatred but maybe that annoying fanboy just deserves a scoff or snarky comment.


Aug. 23rd, 2016 01:45 pm
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Just got off the phone with my mother and she had to go to the hospital because she felt very weird. Now she’s at the hospital almost crying because she feels like she’s gonna pass out and is constantly shaking/having cold sweats. There is not a damn thing I can do and I feel worthless. I should be there at the hospital but she told me to stay home. They gave her medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol about a week ago so I think those pills are making her feel bad. I don’t know what to do and I hate it. Really I cannot afford to lose my mother and I don’t even want to think about it. This is bullshit I feel scared as hell.


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