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I was expected an underwhelming conclusion to Zarc and that's exactly what I got.
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I don't know why I sometimes ship Nitro with anyone that isn't Ash. Or Rita with anyone that isn't Cain. Nitro/Ash is my Galerians OTP but sometimes I find myself drawn to her being with other people. Maybe it's boredom? Shipping only exists as a fun hobby thing for people who care about romantic shit like that. Perhaps it's a result of the concept of "dating sim" video game sections where your character can form a romantic relationship with whoever you wish. Of course, that concept wouldn't fit Galerians unless under specific conditions considering that Lilia/Rion is pretty canon. You could argue for Rion/Ash being canon because they do kiss but since it was yaoi fanservice-based, I'm not sure it counts. I'd feel the same way if Nitro kissed Lilia: it may be visually appealing but it would conflict with the development she has with another character. Also, I really felt that Lilia's relationship with Rion was put on the back-burning to sell the concept of two hot bishounens especially since all two of his kisses were shared with someone not named Lilia. Yeah, the Galerians audience likes that and they definitely marketed towards them but that doesn't mean I have to agree that it only helps the story. We already know how Rion and Ash feel about each-other but Ash's relationship with the other Last Galerians needed more development. Same with Lilia and Cas/Pat. Nitro doesn't even really talk to Ash directly during the entire course of Galerians: Ash and when she finally does say his name, it's when he was having a psychotic breakdown and it's not even a real conversation either.
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Leo is annoying, Yuzu is annoying, and Yusho is annoying. These are three major characters and it isn’t good that I don’t really like them a whole lot. Especially when the only reason I dislike them is because the writers are making too many mistakes with the story. ARC-V had all the time in the world to make Leo a more interesting villain but he was absent for far too long and I no longer care about him. Yuzu was okay in the beginning but she simply sucks right now and is, essentially, a walking plot device for Yuya to chase. Yusho suffers a similar problem to Leo and he hasn’t even gotten a proper duel yet despite the fact we know that he uses Performapals and Sky Magician.
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If Rion and Lilia had lived past the ending of Galerians: Ash, I think Rion would end up becoming the "Big Boss" of the series. He would probably, in an extreme case, become so disillusioned with humanity and them treating Lilia like an outsider for loving a Galerian that he would just become Ash 2.0. Of course, Lilia and Pat would try their best to stop his descent into destruction but Lilia would be forced to make a choice between humanity or her childhood friend. I think Pat would side with Rion more than Lilia because, I don't know, he's a computer nerd and maybe he knows humans are illogical? Don't know if Rion would form his own Outer Heaven because he's the only Galerian around would be him but surely they would be more/a hybrid race of humans with psychic powers.
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So I just seen the new forms for Exeggutor, Sandshrew/Sandslash, and Vulpix/Ninetales. Exeggutor truly is living up to it's palmtree motif now more than ever although the Dragon-typing was unneeded. Sandshrew and Sandslash being Ice-types is a pretty cool concept and I love how Sandslash looks (not to mention it's part Steel at that point.) Vulpix and Ninetales are just okay I guess. Not really a massive fan of those two Pokemon. They are also part Ice but Ninetales becomes a Fairy-type to go along with the whole mysticalism stuff. My favorite is probably Sandslash but Exeggutor is so bizarre it will be the most memorable and lastly the Vulpix line is underwhelming.

Finding out about this news actually made me look for my Pokemon LeafGreen game that's somewhere in this house but I couldn't find it. Oh well.


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