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I was playing Pokemon White 2 today and a large portion of it was just me training up Volcarona. My original team is very close to hitting Level 100 so I have a bunch of secondary teams whenever I want to use something different. Along with that I have a Haxorus, Crobat, Arcanine, and Magnezone in training too. They are way underleveled so it's a pain to get them all leveled-up even with the Lucky Egg. I don't do EV or IV stuff so I just need to get the EXP so they can fight the Elite Four without being destroyed (I get plenty of destroyed in the PWT because I don't use properly EV trained Pokemon but whatever.) For the few that are curious, my first Hall o Fame team was Samurott/Darmanitan/Ampharos/Lucario/Zoroark/Unfezant.

Damn it

Aug. 1st, 2016 03:55 pm
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No, internet, when I search for hot sauce I do not want to see pictures of Beyonce.

Corn Beef

Jul. 29th, 2016 05:54 pm
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It's not amazing but it's not the worst I've tasted before. Somehow, I feel I would like it more on bread instead of rice.
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Kind of tired of self-guilting myself for some of my pairings. I can see people shipping the most absurd of pairings and here I am going "why can't I do that?"


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