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Fruit cocktail is my friend.
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Getting tired of playing Yugioh honestly. Tried to play Doom and Heretic on my PC but it's only fun for so long. Maybe my predictions are correct and I'm absolutely sick of games and I only continue to play them out of habit. Not like there is much to my life besides that though.
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No, throwing Vampire Lady into a Rank 4 XYZ deck just because isn't a good idea and yes she is better in a Vampire deck but the best thing about Yugioh is making crazy decks that seem like a bad idea and trying to make them work. Besides, Vampire Lady fits thematically with Dark Requiem XYZ Dragon and that is this current deck's boss monster. Of course, I would get laughed out the door of any tournament but I don't need that to be happy.
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I posted this dumb ass concept in another website but I don't really care. Sonic x Galerians crossover art idea where: Rion/Lilia are Sonic/Amy, Cain/Rita are Shadow/Rouge, and Ash/Nitro are Silver/Blaze. Almost see the characters fitting if you suspend your belief enough that Galerians/Sonic crossover art isn't that crazy.


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