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No, throwing Vampire Lady into a Rank 4 XYZ deck just because isn't a good idea and yes she is better in a Vampire deck but the best thing about Yugioh is making crazy decks that seem like a bad idea and trying to make them work. Besides, Vampire Lady fits thematically with Dark Requiem XYZ Dragon and that is this current deck's boss monster. Of course, I would get laughed out the door of any tournament but I don't need that to be happy.
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So one of my fav Yugioh cards is White Horned Dragon. Problem is that it's just a beastick one Tribute Dragon-type monster. What I like to do is use milling cards like Vampire Lady (my icon) to add Spell Cards into the opponent's Graveyard to set up a later Tribute for White Horned Dragon (banishes up to five Spells to gain ATK.) But it's simply not a good strategy because milling simply isn't a good strategy anymore and Tribute monsters not named Monarch are dead. Gotta find a way to make those two cards be awesome together but how?


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