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Getting tired of playing Yugioh honestly. Tried to play Doom and Heretic on my PC but it's only fun for so long. Maybe my predictions are correct and I'm absolutely sick of games and I only continue to play them out of habit. Not like there is much to my life besides that though.
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There must be more to life than grinding up a Zweilous, there has to be!
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I was playing Pokemon White 2 today and a large portion of it was just me training up Volcarona. My original team is very close to hitting Level 100 so I have a bunch of secondary teams whenever I want to use something different. Along with that I have a Haxorus, Crobat, Arcanine, and Magnezone in training too. They are way underleveled so it's a pain to get them all leveled-up even with the Lucky Egg. I don't do EV or IV stuff so I just need to get the EXP so they can fight the Elite Four without being destroyed (I get plenty of destroyed in the PWT because I don't use properly EV trained Pokemon but whatever.) For the few that are curious, my first Hall o Fame team was Samurott/Darmanitan/Ampharos/Lucario/Zoroark/Unfezant.
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Whenever I get my computer back in action, I must remember to play that Strange Aeons Doom wad. Love the mix of Quake/Chasm along with the Cthulhu mytho inspiration. One of the replacements for the weapons is an AK47 for the Chaingun and it's awesome. There is plenty of ambiance in the music which reminded me of PSX Doom and the level designs are truly strange. Sometimes you'll receive assistance from ally Revenants called Ghouls and they will kill enemies for you with their railguns. Overall, I love the style of this Doom wad.
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I have an idea for a Galerians 3 an it features Rion and Lilia along with the first breed of Galerians. There are four playable characters right now: Rion, Lilia, Cain, and Rita. There are two scenarios where you play Rion/Lilia in the first and Cain/Rita in the second. Each character has their own play-styles and abilities they can learn. The PPEC drug system returns and in order for Lilia to use this system, she has been given Galerian psychic powers. Nalcon is the only serum that is used by all four playable characters and the other types being available depends on the character you are playing. Shield and Short are still in the game but each character has special attacks that can only be used while Shorting. Anyway, here is a listing of who gets what drug and also their unique PPECs they get later in the story.

Rion: Nalcon/Red/D-Felon - Later acquires an Ice and Rail Gun power.
Lilia: Nalcon/Bustanor/Breakaron - Later acquires a Water and Ion power.
Cain: Nalcon/Red/Breakaron - Later acquires an Acid and Dark Matter power.
Rita: Nalcon/D-Felon/Bustanor - Later acquires a Stardust and Nova power.

The names for the new psychic power drugs are something I haven't figured out yet. I think I'm going to call the ice attack Crystanor and rail attack Lancearon. Yeah, they aren't very original as they are based on Bustanor/Breakaron but I will think of more unique names for the other 6 drugs.
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I still remember my first Doom megawad, I think it was 2002: A Doom Odyssey for Ultimate Doom. At the time I was unaware of source ports so I made a poor attempt to run through Doom95. The first port I downloaded was Doom Legacy and I still think it is an okay port. But now I use ZDoom and eventually I played 2002ADO using it much to my enjoyment. There are so many mods for Doom it is pretty crazy, you will almost never get bored with Doom if you like fan-made content.
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I really do love the Blood game by Monolith Productions. Caleb is such a bad-ass and it has some great horror ambiance. My favorite episode would have to be Cryptic Passage despite being developed by Sunstorm Interactive and not Monolith themselves. Level design was very impressive and the gameplay was great, abundance of ammo to kill stuff with and not too hard. After I played all of the retail maps, I started downloading fan maps and well Death Wish is pretty great. That is kind of an understatement, it is worth actual money but good thing it is free to download. Played through that mod multiple times. Did not think Blood II was a bad sequel either although it has plenty of flaws. Miss Caleb and the Chosen and I would be happy if they made a return.
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The Galerans fanbase should make a return to mainstream gaming. I want to see it rise from the ashes as a phoenix reborn. Also, we need more Nitro/Ash shippers...and maybe some Rita/Cain too. I don't know, I just want more Galerians. Most people don't know who I am talking about when I mention those names which just goes to show how obscure the series is.


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