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If I had to pick between Pokemon and Yugioh as the most unbalanced and broken game, I would have to pick Pokemon.

Despite Yugioh having perhaps the worst power creep of any TCG in human existence, at least I could feasible compete if I wished by just using whatever broken metadeck that is currently popular, regardless if I’m good or not. But Pokemon’s barrier of entry just to play is so obnoxious although it is way less expensive. You either waste an annoying about of time just to battle online because your in-game team is useless or you play using some simulator which allows you to easily adjust all that min/max bullshit that is absolutely necessary despite the mechanics themselves being pure shit. Yugioh probably has the worst community but the Pokemon community is so obnoxious and thinks so highly of competitive play that it makes me sick. The ones that compare it to chess are probably the worst and it’s not so much that they bother me but that the shit they say is infuriating. I got no problem with people that think highly of it but there is no way on Earth a video game with over 700 characters could ever be balanced IMO. There will inevitably be the “inferior” ones and then the “superior” ones that all competitive battlers use because those Pokemon actually fucking win and not lose.

A good comparison between a superior and an inferior Pokemon is Garchomp and Flygon. Garchomp pretty much outright replaced Flygon and saw heavy competitive usage and even had to be banned by some of the fans because it was too devastating. Garchomp also gained the utterly broken Outrage move in Platinum IIRC and that move by itself made so many Dragon-types broken and insufferable to deal with. Meanwhile, almost everything that Flygon could’ve done was being done better by Garchomp so people ended up playing to it’s very few strengths with access to moves Garchomp didn’t have. Of course, none of that mattered in the end because one Pokemon got a Mega and the other didn’t. Flygon is pure shit when compared to Garchomp and this is one of the many examples of Game Freak not giving a single shit about newer Pokemon power creeping the old ones. In fact, Game Freak just doesn’t give a shit period.

But Yugioh players are more likely to physically assault you and steal your shit so I guess they too are in a league of their own. Of course, a card game managed by Konami has very little chance of seriously being good at anything else other than making profit. Although it may seem like I hate these things, I like both of them but it makes me laugh when people say Yugioh and Pokemon are balanced games. Konami and Game Freak cannot balance for shit. Even more laughable is when people think these companies give a damn about them. Yeah, they give a damn about your money.
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I think I finally found a build for my Synchron deck that I am happy with.
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Invokeds are pretty cool actually. Using them with Charmers right now.
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I think a good portion of Yugioh players are gambling addicts either in denial or they are unaware of what gambling addiction is. Considering that Konami also makes money off slot machines, I wouldn’t doubt one of their main goals is to make sure the player-base is eternally addicted to the chance of winning in a broken card game. And even if I’m wrong (which I probably am) and most players just play for fun, the company still doesn’t give a single crap about the player base. Link Summoning essentially is a slap in the face to anyone that uses a Fusion/Synchro/Xyz/Pendulum deck. Links are completely unhindered by their own rules which obviously is a thing because Konami wants to push Links as the main means of profit now. They saw a chance to look good by making a new mechanic that seems to stop the speed of the game but that is actually false. The game will never slow down because that would mean Konami would stop having to print broken archetypes/cards that everyone wants to buy. Nobody is gonna give a crap about mediocre cards as this community wants only meta worthy cards and nothing else but. Links will increase in their level of power as even the very first Link Monster introduced (Decode Talker) is already quite powerful. Soon we will see Towers-level Link monsters that can only be dealt with using Utopia the Lightning-level Link monsters. There will probably be a Link version of Quasar made some time in the future as well and then there will be the Link version of Zoodiacs (if Konami decides to kill them to make way for a clone archetype but essentially still work like Zoodiacs.) The people that despise anything past DM/GX will be happy for a while but soon they will realize that Links will be the same exact thing as the Xyz toolbox. Power creep never dies.


Feb. 7th, 2017 02:33 pm
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Lightsworns may not be broken anymore but Judgement Dragon is still a poorly designed card.


Feb. 1st, 2017 01:23 pm
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Why was DDD Darius made to be a Rank 3 XYZ monster anyways? How many times do you really get the chance to make Rank 3s in DDD? Not a whole lot I think and it probably would involve a level trick with DD Beformet.
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I was expected an underwhelming conclusion to Zarc and that's exactly what I got.
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No, throwing Vampire Lady into a Rank 4 XYZ deck just because isn't a good idea and yes she is better in a Vampire deck but the best thing about Yugioh is making crazy decks that seem like a bad idea and trying to make them work. Besides, Vampire Lady fits thematically with Dark Requiem XYZ Dragon and that is this current deck's boss monster. Of course, I would get laughed out the door of any tournament but I don't need that to be happy.
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Why is Yuzu so useless in ARC-V? I hate that she is essentially just a living object for Yuya to pursue. She didn't even got a Synchro or XYZ Melodious monster yet, what the hell?
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It is stupid that Immortal Ruler cannot be Special Summoned. Did Konami think Zombie World decks would become broken or widely popular?
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Leo is annoying, Yuzu is annoying, and Yusho is annoying. These are three major characters and it isn’t good that I don’t really like them a whole lot. Especially when the only reason I dislike them is because the writers are making too many mistakes with the story. ARC-V had all the time in the world to make Leo a more interesting villain but he was absent for far too long and I no longer care about him. Yuzu was okay in the beginning but she simply sucks right now and is, essentially, a walking plot device for Yuya to chase. Yusho suffers a similar problem to Leo and he hasn’t even gotten a proper duel yet despite the fact we know that he uses Performapals and Sky Magician.
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Performapal Sleight Hand Magician should've been called Performapal Odd-Eyes Magician so it would be summonable with Dramatic Theater and searchable with Sky Iris. As it stands, it's a Lv7 Performapal that's usable in Odd-Eyes decks and another good card to Pendulum Summon with Unicorn. Too bad it's destruction effect isn't all that powerful but I understand why it isn't a Pendulum Monster despite it's card art. I think Konami wanted to make the latest set of Performapals have some synergy with the non-Pendulum ones hence why Longphone Bull and Parrotrio have those effects. None of the new Pendulum Performapals in the Starter Deck have a scale of 8 so using Odd-Eyes in a deck like that is kind of hard. You're gonna have to use Unicorn or run the Magicians in order to realistically summon that dragon but Sleight Hand is better in a "pure" Performapal deck without any of the magicians or Odd-Eyes himself. Besides, Odd-Eyes can build an entire deck around himself along with Magician support so while he is good in Performapals, they can choose not to run him. It's cool that Performapals have so many choices in terms of deck building.
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I'm trying to run a Performapal deck using the latest Starter Deck cards which have a focus on Non-Pendulum Monsters. The result isn't terribly good and because of a lack of card space, I cannot use vital cards like Lizardraw and Guitartle. However, since it's a casual thing, I guess it isn't that big a deal. Just trying to find a reason to use Sleighthand Magician mostly.
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Wow, I cannot believe Vampire Lady appeared in ARC-V during a flashback. That is one of the my favorite monsters in the game.
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The more support that Speedroids are getting, the more I realize just how inferior Synchrons are when compared. They aren’t as fast, they are too combo specific with no room for error, and they don’t generate enough advantage. Yeah, they have Quasar/Sifr/Halberd Cannon but all three of those monsters are too costly to summon. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is a million times better solely because it’s easier to summon and almost as useful. Speedroids can make this very easily too along with Stardust Dragon to protect it.

None of the support Spells/Traps in the Synchron Extreme structure deck do anything really great to help Synchrons. The field spell is too situational, the Junk Warrior quick-play is cool but also situational, and that one card that allows you to make a Quasar with only two materials is great but unneeded. The trap card is probably better than all the other spell cards but it’s only really good against Pendulums and builds that uses the other Junk synchro monsters.

The monsters were okay I guess. Synchron Carrier’s token ability is useful but I hate how you usually need to Normal Summon it before you can make use of it (why doesn’t it Special Summon itself from the hand?) Rush Warrior is way better than Speed Warrior but I wish it had 1000 ATK and ATK doubling effect whenever it battles. Jet Synchron is a good card and works like 3 copies of Glow-Up Bulb with a cost plus the searching is fun. All of the Synchro Monsters in Synchron Extreme were good so I have no complaints.

Power creep is to blame for Synchrons being no where near as good, especially since Konami seems intent on making XYZ monsters the superior Extra Deck type (almost all other Synchro cards you can make in a Synchro deck just get ripped apart by Castel, Utopia the Lightning, or Dark Rebellion and that sucks.)
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I tried to use Space Dragster in Synchrons today. You can keep on making additional Formula Synchrons beyond the ones you usually need to make Stardust Warrior of Quasar/Sirf. Rush Warrior in the Graveyard allows you to keep recycling Formula Synchron and Level Eater is almost always available for Synchro fodder. With Hyper Liberian, it’s not hard to keep on drawing cards. The biggest problem with Space Dragster is that it has protection for Tuner monsters but not for itself. You might want to run something to protect Spell/Trap cards from destruction but having something like Stardust Dragon or Sifr works too. I can imagine this card working well in Resonators too because it gives you a quick access to a Level 1 Tuner to make Abyss or for double tuning into RDA Tyrant/Nova/King Calamity. Fun little card with potential IMO.
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So one of my fav Yugioh cards is White Horned Dragon. Problem is that it's just a beastick one Tribute Dragon-type monster. What I like to do is use milling cards like Vampire Lady (my icon) to add Spell Cards into the opponent's Graveyard to set up a later Tribute for White Horned Dragon (banishes up to five Spells to gain ATK.) But it's simply not a good strategy because milling simply isn't a good strategy anymore and Tribute monsters not named Monarch are dead. Gotta find a way to make those two cards be awesome together but how?


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