Sep. 13th, 2017

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If I had to pick between Pokemon and Yugioh as the most unbalanced and broken game, I would have to pick Pokemon.

Despite Yugioh having perhaps the worst power creep of any TCG in human existence, at least I could feasible compete if I wished by just using whatever broken metadeck that is currently popular, regardless if I’m good or not. But Pokemon’s barrier of entry just to play is so obnoxious although it is way less expensive. You either waste an annoying about of time just to battle online because your in-game team is useless or you play using some simulator which allows you to easily adjust all that min/max bullshit that is absolutely necessary despite the mechanics themselves being pure shit. Yugioh probably has the worst community but the Pokemon community is so obnoxious and thinks so highly of competitive play that it makes me sick. The ones that compare it to chess are probably the worst and it’s not so much that they bother me but that the shit they say is infuriating. I got no problem with people that think highly of it but there is no way on Earth a video game with over 700 characters could ever be balanced IMO. There will inevitably be the “inferior” ones and then the “superior” ones that all competitive battlers use because those Pokemon actually fucking win and not lose.

A good comparison between a superior and an inferior Pokemon is Garchomp and Flygon. Garchomp pretty much outright replaced Flygon and saw heavy competitive usage and even had to be banned by some of the fans because it was too devastating. Garchomp also gained the utterly broken Outrage move in Platinum IIRC and that move by itself made so many Dragon-types broken and insufferable to deal with. Meanwhile, almost everything that Flygon could’ve done was being done better by Garchomp so people ended up playing to it’s very few strengths with access to moves Garchomp didn’t have. Of course, none of that mattered in the end because one Pokemon got a Mega and the other didn’t. Flygon is pure shit when compared to Garchomp and this is one of the many examples of Game Freak not giving a single shit about newer Pokemon power creeping the old ones. In fact, Game Freak just doesn’t give a shit period.

But Yugioh players are more likely to physically assault you and steal your shit so I guess they too are in a league of their own. Of course, a card game managed by Konami has very little chance of seriously being good at anything else other than making profit. Although it may seem like I hate these things, I like both of them but it makes me laugh when people say Yugioh and Pokemon are balanced games. Konami and Game Freak cannot balance for shit. Even more laughable is when people think these companies give a damn about them. Yeah, they give a damn about your money.


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