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Molotov Cocktail - An alcohol bottle with a cloth inside which is used as a make-shift fire bomb. It doesn't have a wide range of effect but it's very good at lighting enemies on fire. Extremely effective on monsters with an affinity for ice.

Stun Grenade - A riot weapon used to stun the target into submission. Does no damage on it's own but it's great for paralyzing and confusing monsters. Best used in connection with a damage dealing weapon or item.

Frag Grenade - Lethal fragmentation hand grenade that has a wide area of effect and will damage enemies with shrapnel. Very devastating on lightly-armored foes but less effective on armored enemies that can resist shrapnel.

Dynamite Bundle - TNT bundle that can be thrown to explode a whole group of monsters. It is much stronger than the Frag Grenade and what it doesn't kill ends up with a few limbs missing. Also, unlike the Frag Grenade, it is effective on heavily armored foes. However, the Dynamite Bundle must be handled with care as it's huge splash damage can easily damage the user.

Poison Gas - A smog spell that taints the battlefield with a noxious and absolutely toxic gas that suffocates all caught within. Those that don't meet a slow death with the poisonous cloud will still suffer damage for a few seconds afterwards.

Fly Swarm - A truly disgusting spell, the Fly Swarm can summon an infestation of killer flies that will feast on it's enemy until they literally explode. Once again, a truly disgusting spell.

Electric Orb - The Electric Orb is a peculiar magical orb that contains an abundant amount of electrical power. How this item can harness such energy is not quite known but what is known is that once thrown, it will unleash arcs of lightning to damage all nearby enemies. The Electric Orb is very effective on aquatic and robotic enemies.

Ice Crystal - The perfect relic to chill out the typical bloodthirsty monster. The Ice Crystal releases a blast of icy wind that freezes foes solid. Once frozen, they can then by shattered in a single hit or suffer heavy damage. Fiery monsters hate this spell and frozen enemies also don't like having a Molotov Cocktail thrown at them.

Bloody Skull - A blood red skull with pulses with power just by being held. The Bloody Skull literally drains the blood of all enemies into itself and then the skull shatters in a beautiful gory display. If that wasn't impressive enough, it also restores the user's life force stolen from it's slain enemies. A relic such as this could've only been crafted by a vampire for this level of brutality is inhumane.

Daemon's Cross - An unholy cross that can summon a servant demon from the depths of Hell itself. This demon obeys the whim of it's master who wields the Daemon's Cross. It can only fight for you for a short amount of time but while it's unchained, all monsters are guaranteed to feel true terror.
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Dual Knives - Rachel's starting melee weapon is a set of two knives. Being an expert knife fighter, Rachel is capable of unleashing quick slashes and stabs to inflict close-ranged melee damage. While each individual strike isn't particularly powerful, it is the fastest close combat weapon in Rachel's arsenal. Can be enhanced by lightning magic in order to inflict greater damage and stun enemies.

Magic Pistol - The first of Rachel's magic-based projectile weapons. While at first it seems like a regular gun-powder based pistol, this weapon is actually arcane in construction. Created by the alchemist engineers of the Circle, the Magic Pistol is capable of shooting without ever needing to be reloaded. However, it can only be shot until Rachel's magic gauge runs out and once it does, she will have to wait until it recharges. This is the power source of all of her magical weapons. The Magic Pistol does respectable damage and it's power can be boosted by charging and releasing a concentrated blast. Can be enhanced with special incendiary rounds which inflicts stronger, flame-based damage.

Magic Missiles - The Magic Missiles are a fearsome spell that gives Rachel the ability to damage monsters with rapid-fire bursts of pure energy. There are two modes of fire: a single shot mode at a fast firing rate and a slower, triple burst attack that does more damage. Be careful with Rachel's magic gauge as continued usage will drain it quickly. Can be enhanced with a booster spell that greatly increases the damage in addition to changing the missile color from blue to green.

Combat Staff - Rachel is feared for her skill with the blade but she is also proficient with the Combat Staff. This melee weapon is similar to what the warrior priest Ignatius Blackward once used in his fight against Adam Crowley all those years ago. The Combat Staff is stronger than the knives but it's not as fast. Unlike the knives, it is capable of piercing the defenses of armored foes so it's the weapon of choice in dealing with the tougher monsters. Can be enhanced with a holy water spell that inflicts greater damage and is absolutely deadly to unholy monsters like vampires and demons.

Fire and Ice - This magical tome is filled with arcane writings which grant the user control of temperatures, both hot and cold. The first spell is command over blazing flames and the second is dominion over bone-chilling frost. Rachel's Fire and Ice spell can set enemies on fire to inflict continuous damage or simply stop their movements entirely by flash freezing them. However, the combo potential of these two magics at work should not go unmentioned. If Rachel attacks a burning enemy with an ice spell, the damage will double. Likewise, melting a frozen enemy with a fireball will also double the damage. Can be enhanced with an elemental rune that dramatically increases Rachel's control of fire and ice.

Alchemy Rifle - This enchanted rifle was created using the same Circle technology that made the Magic Pistol. The Alchemy Rifle is capable of firing powerful magical rounds at a long distance without ever having to be reloaded. Just like all her projectile weapons, this gun draws it's ammo supply from Rachel's magic gauge. It is very useful for exploding the heads of many a monster and few foes can resist a blast from this arcane firearm. However, it is slow to fire and it taxes Rachel's magic reserves quite heavily. Can be enhanced with armor-piercing rounds that turns each shot into a powerful rail gun blast that rips through all enemies including even the heavily armored ones.

Valkyrie Sword - Rachel's final and most powerful melee weapon to be found in the game. The Valkyrie Sword is a blessed blade that is large in size and inflicts extreme damage. Unlike the swift swords used by the famed Nadia Franciscus, this blade requires a great amount of strength to be used effectively. It can be charged to unleash a devastating, slicing arc of energy to cut up opponents into bloody chunks. The Valkyrie Sword's enhanced mode allows Rachel to call forth a benevolent warrior maiden to assist her in battle. This spirit can also protect her from attacks in addition to fighting with her own holy-based attacks.
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Axe - Starting melee weapon and Wallace's signature tool of revenge. Easy to use and and can quickly hack apart monsters. Can be enhanced by fire magic for increased damage. The flame axe is also effective on enemies with an affinity for ice.

Revolver - The first gun to be found by Wallace. Decent stopping power, acceptable range, and commonly found ammo. Can be be dual wielded if another revolver is found. Has a second ammo type of silver bullets which is effective on werewolves and other supernatural enemies.

Sawed-Off Shotgun - The second gun to be found in the game. The shotgun offers heavy damage up close and it can hit multiple enemies at once. However, the range is short and it needs to be reloaded after firing two shells but the reload time is quick. Can be dual wielded if another sawed-off is found. Has a second ammo type of explosive shells which offers powerful splash damage and is effective on armored enemies.

Hammer - Another melee weapon that is found later in the game. Unlike the axe, the hammer is hard to use but each strike is very powerful. It is effective against armored enemies. Can be enhanced by lightning magic for increased damage. The thunder hammer is also effective on aquatic and mechanical enemies.

Tommy Gun - The third game to be found in the game. The Thompson machine gun has the fastest firing rate of all of Wallace's guns and it has the largest magazine capacity. In addition, it has the greatest range and is useful for attacking distanced enemies. However, it's fast speed is balanced by it's low damage per bullet. Has a second ammo type of special liquid nitrogen rounds that can freeze enemies and inflict ice damage. Freeze rounds are most especially effective on enemies with an affinity for fire.

Hellfire Cannon - Wallace's final and most devastating gun in his arsenal. The Hellfire Cannon is a special napalm cannon that can launch explosive fireballs to explode and incinerate all who stand in Wallace's path of vengeance. It's firing rate is slow but the raw power of this weapon is unparalleled. Be careful with using this weapon in close range as the splash damage is immense and it can easily engulf Wallace in burning napalm. Since it is such a heavy weapon, Wallace's speed will be decreased until he switches over to a different weapon. Can be enhanced with special blue napalm ammunition that dramatically increases the damage potential and turns it's flames from orange to blue. The Hellfire Cannon also cannot be resisted by even enemies with an affinity for fire if it is powered up with blue napalm.

Chainsaw - The final melee weapon to be found late in the game. The chainsaw has extreme potential and it mutilates zombies in seconds. It's blades inflict damage in a continuous stream and is capable of locking most foes into stunned animations of pain. Devastating but it's power is held back by needing to be revved before each massacre. Can be enhanced by blood magic for increased damage. In addition to increased damage, monsters killed by the blood enhanced chainsaw will drain their life and give it to Wallace. Blood magic cannot be resisted by any enemy in the game but also no enemy is weak to it.


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