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The more support that Speedroids are getting, the more I realize just how inferior Synchrons are when compared. They aren’t as fast, they are too combo specific with no room for error, and they don’t generate enough advantage. Yeah, they have Quasar/Sifr/Halberd Cannon but all three of those monsters are too costly to summon. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is a million times better solely because it’s easier to summon and almost as useful. Speedroids can make this very easily too along with Stardust Dragon to protect it.

None of the support Spells/Traps in the Synchron Extreme structure deck do anything really great to help Synchrons. The field spell is too situational, the Junk Warrior quick-play is cool but also situational, and that one card that allows you to make a Quasar with only two materials is great but unneeded. The trap card is probably better than all the other spell cards but it’s only really good against Pendulums and builds that uses the other Junk synchro monsters.

The monsters were okay I guess. Synchron Carrier’s token ability is useful but I hate how you usually need to Normal Summon it before you can make use of it (why doesn’t it Special Summon itself from the hand?) Rush Warrior is way better than Speed Warrior but I wish it had 1000 ATK and ATK doubling effect whenever it battles. Jet Synchron is a good card and works like 3 copies of Glow-Up Bulb with a cost plus the searching is fun. All of the Synchro Monsters in Synchron Extreme were good so I have no complaints.

Power creep is to blame for Synchrons being no where near as good, especially since Konami seems intent on making XYZ monsters the superior Extra Deck type (almost all other Synchro cards you can make in a Synchro deck just get ripped apart by Castel, Utopia the Lightning, or Dark Rebellion and that sucks.)


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