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Caleb: Pitchforks/Spears and Shields.
Ophelia: Knives/Daggers/Swords and Armlets.
Gabriella: Gauntlets/Claws and Bracers.
Ishmael: Staffs/Scythes and Rings.

Caleb is a master gunslinger capable of using both conventional firearms along with more arcane magical weapons with decent proficiency. His stats are decent all around with Strength being the highest and Focus being the lowest. Although knowledgeable in the dark arts, Caleb still greatly prefers to battle using old fashioned guns. Favorite weapon is the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

Ophelia is the fastest member of the Chosen with a higher Focus potential than Caleb but she lacks in Strength and Resistance, making her more fragile in battle. Despite this, Ophelia is the second most balanced character and she is versatile much like Caleb except with a more magical bent due to her higher Focus stat. Ophelia's strength lies in her high agility which allows her to quickly maneuver away from enemies and damage them from a distance. Favorite weapon is the Sniper Rifle.

Gabriella (formerly Gabriel) is a warrior that comes from a family with traditions steeped in battle. She is the slowest member of the Chosen but her Strength and Resistance are the absolute highest. Enemy attacks are easily shrugged off by her inhumanly strong body and she can wield heavy/explosive weaponry with no challenge at all. Although her family has traditions in voodoo, she has forsaken the dark arts in pursuit of gaining more power using her own methods of raw combat which means that her Focus recharges the slowest. Favorite weapon is the Vulcan Cannon

Ishmael is blessed with a gifted but dangerous mind. His lust for knowledge of the arcane knows no bounds and he is also a master of magical weaponry. His Strength stat is the lowest of the Chosen but his Focus is the highest. Ishmael is not terribly good with guns like the rest of his allies but once he has secured a magic weapon, the tables most definitely turn. His recharge rate is astonishingly fast so he can spam attacks from things like the Life Leech at little to no cost. Favorite weapon is The Orb.


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