Mar. 20th, 2017

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I can’t believe the city actually came to my doorstep, took a picture of my front street, and left me a warning letter that says I need to shovel up the snow/ice or else get a 50 dollar fine. First off, I don’t have a shovel and nobody knocked on my door to shovel either when it snowed. Secondly, why are you going to bill me for something that is eventually going to melt away but then turn a blind eye to all the dog owners that leave their dogs’ droppings on the side walk or all the thousands of people that just litter without a second thought? That also includes the cops too because honestly they don’t give a shit. Why are you going to hassle me over this shit when I don’t even have the resources directly to fix the problem? Go buy a shovel? I don’t have a fucking car and there is no time in my day to catch a bus and buy one because I cannot buy a shovel in this shitty ass neighborhood full of apathetic neighbors that don’t want to help me out at all. This is the first time I have ever received a letter that is giving me shit for not fucking shoveling snow this is bullshit. Since when did this fucking city give a single shit about how dirty and ugly it looks when they don’t even give a single shit about the average poor person in general. My city has a shit load of problems worse than snow including all the crime that happens daily that of course is never solved because the city police don’t give a shit. Fucking useless people need to start minding their own fucking business because why should I care about you when you don’t even care about me as a citizen or human being? You people are perfectly content to let money-less losers like me who survive by the skin of their teeth continue to suffer due to legal bullshit that is completely unnecessary. Honestly, giving me a bill for not fucking shoveling? You can take that bill and shovel it up your own ass.


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